Learn to be silent.

Let your mind listen and absorb



A collection of Insight Timer guided meditations and  other previously unpublished short stories, have been collected together in Siobhán Mullan's latest publication Breathing Space out now & available on Amazon.  The collection of short pieces are intended for the reader to have a pause in their day, to read and reflect.  Writing prompts and space for the reader to write or draw, making the book a personal item that they can keep and cherish over the years.  It is hoped the book will encourage the readers to pause often, reflect and to participate in a daily meditation practice.


Join the adventures of Bethany, Martha, and Tommy in Unity Wood.  Meet Grandma Ursula and learn of the wonderful technology that will transform the World Around Us.  Learn the fun of Play and how Nature can recharge even the weary traveler.  Learn how the small actions of one or two can make a huge impact on the World Around us.  A tale of hope, for a Sustainable Future.  A new Mid-Summer Night Adventure is now available.  Go to the Audiobook page of the website to listen to all stories.

“ Be brave. Be strong and breathe.

The day ahead is yet unknown.

You will meet what comes without fear.

You are strong.

You are wise.

Breathe deep if challenges appear,

Another lesson is all – so do not fear.

When the lesson is learnt,

That deed is done,

You have accomplished what was to be done. “

Grandma Ursula

Children's Author Siobhán Mullan combines her interests in Civil Engineer and Holistic Therapy to create inspirational stories for children.  Encouraging time in nature, appreciation of nature, and encouraging care for the environment.  Nature is held in wonder and children are encouraged to let their love of Nature lead them to be Designers and Creators of Future Technology that will Sustain and Care for the Planet.  Meditations, some of which accompany the stories, are available in Insight Timer.  Go to the Insight Timer page on the website to access Meditations and Playlists.  Siobhán is a Professional Member of the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association).